Dawnkit is a creamy-rose tabby she-cat with pale green eyes.

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Family & Education Edit

Mother: Littlefur

Father: Applewhisker

Aunt: Spottedwing

Sisters: Bluekit

Brothers: Salmonkit

Mentor: Unknown

Apprentice (s): Unknown


Kit: Dawnkit

Leader: Dawnstar

How MistClan told the TruthEdit

Dawnkit is born to Littlefur and Applewhisker along with her littermates Bluekit and Salmonkit. Littlefur tells Spottedwing their names and Dawnkit squeaks when Littlefur touches her on the head with her tail.

Miststar ChatEdit

In a chat with Miststar (founder of MistClan) we found out that Dawnkit becomes the leader of MistClan after Spottedstar.

Character ImagesEdit

None yet.

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