The DustClan nursery is where the queens and kits live.


Iceshine: Softkit? Mudkit? Where are you?

Mudkit pricked his ears. "Over here!" he meowed happily.

Iceshine looks at Mudkit. "Oh, there you are! Have you seen your sister?"

"Oh, are you looking for me?" Softkit poked her head out of some leaves and bounced to her mother.

"I have been looking all over for you!" Says Iceshine.

Mudkit padded over to his mother, his tail waving happily in the air.

Softkit silently stalks her brother and then lightly pounces on him. "I got you!" Softkit hears him squealing so, she gets off of him.

"Softkit be careful!" Iceshine says.

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